Shri. Ramesh Agarwal (Chairman & Managing Worker, APM)
Shri. Ramesh Agarwal is a man of high principles from a Defence background and has always served as an able administrator. He is well known for his innovative thinking and positive bent of mind. He has transformed Household goods segment into an established industry through his effort as a company "Agarwal Packers & Movers Limited". He has been in continuous limelight for introducing advanced packing technology and Double Door Home Carrier in this segment, which created a niche in the market.

With the microscopic knowledge of the Indian Transport Sector, he has been known as the real architect of 3PL and 4PL services. Not stopping here, he has ably steered Agarwal Movers Group through his determined approach and is a firm believer that, with an analytical solution, any problem can be put to an end. He has also excelled in his efforts on creating state-of-the-art warehousing infrastructure and roofing solutions. A shrewd thinker and a person of noble character, he generates a tremendous flow of positive energy. His principle has always been "Waste Cutting" and not "Cost Cutting". Customer service has always been close to his heart. He has also firmly believed that unless the last man manning the transport chain is "happy and satisfied", industry cannot flourish. Taking this forward for the yeomen contribution of drivers’ community, a model "Driver Seva Kendra" was established and has been working successfully since 2012, with serving more than 10,000 drivers in a month. APM is very proud to have a Chairman of such high caliber, who took personal interest and worked day in day out to achieve all that he has today.

Shri. Rajender Agarwal (Vice Chairman)
Shri. Rajender Agarwal is known for his business acumen that he has imbibed from his peers right from his childhood days. He nurtured the idea of venturing into surface transport during his college days. He is the brain behind the formation of Agarwal Movers Group, and has been associated with all developments right from its inception. He looks over the entire operations on All India basis, operating from Mumbai. It is always the challenge of the future, the feeling of excitement that drives Rajender to achieve success in any task that he chooses. He is known for being a master of tuff tasks with a masterly blend of firmness and softness. Life's blows could never break Mr. Rajender, as his spirits are warmed by the fire of enthusiasm. In fact, the huge ownership of company operated fleet would not have been possible in such a short span without his involvement. He is known for application of innovative ideas to strengthen and improve the company, preparing good reports and handling on deployment of vehicles with profits and efficiency by his side.

Shri. Dinesh Agarwal (Joint Managing Director)
Shri. Dinesh is a silent performer. He is a reserved person by nature. He believes in performance without publicity. He is good at demonstrating respect with simple, yet powerful actions. He often encourages staff to express opinions and ideas, and has therefore been the backbone of Chennai operations. He has a wealth of expertise in “Customer Relationship Management”. To him the difference between being a “manager” and being a “leader” is simple, where Management is a career and Leadership is a calling. To him no problems are insurmountable as he has the grit and tact to unravel problems before they reach to an emergency status. He believes that just knowing is not enough to make a difference, execution is a key source in drawing a line of difference as an expert. Also he believes that wanting is not sufficient, steps have to be taken to implement what you know and will. He attracts attention when he quotes “Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen. You don't have to be great to start, but you need to start to be great”. He is indeed a true gem of Agarwal Movers Group.

Shri. Ankush Mehra (Managing Director)
Mr. Ankush Mehra is Post Graduate in Commerce and MBA and has over 17 years of experience in managing complete Supply Chain Management including Domestic & International Logistics with leading MNC's & Indian Corporates like Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. , Samsung India Electronics Ltd. , Metro Cash & Carry India Pvt. Ltd. and Reliance Hypermarket Ltd. His last assignment was with Reliance Retail Ltd., as Assistant Vice President - Supply chain and was heading their "Hyper market project" on All-India basis which include dimensioning from business plan, manpower planning, finalization of distribution centre, setting up & successfully implementing systems and procedures in the distribution centre. He has successfully set up entire Logistics & Distribution network of M/s. Samsung Electronics India Ltd., world leader in Consumer Goods Industry, I.T Peripherals & German MNC in whole sale trading. He also has functional knowledge of Supply Chain Management and exposure to handle large volume of business-- Exposure to Multi-Model Transportation, Inventory Management, Insurance Management, Warehouse Management, Customs, Sales Tax, Excise, exposure to management of Third Party Logistics Operations.

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