Self-Supported Roofing Technology (Galvalume)

Galvalume (Steel) is known all over for possessing excellent non-combustible properties and strength against fire, earthquakes, hurricanes and any other natural calamities. Steel buildings are resistant to decay and heavy winds. Steel facilitates better indoor air quality. When given proper treatment, steel can provide long-term integrity against moisture, rusting & corrosion. Steel buildings are more durable and offer increased design flexibility.

Self Supported Self-Supported Structure Without Trusses, Purlins or any Ancillary Support
Trusses, Purlins or any other kind of ancillary; none of these is required to have APM Metal Roofing installed. APM Metal Roofing stands on its own upto 32 meters- span, thus offering economy in both time and energy.

Free From Nuts, Bolts & Overlaps
One of the strongest distinguishing features of our product is the mechanical and system of panel connection, which requires no holes, nuts bolts, overlaps or sealants, Thus adding on to the economy of costs as well as durability.

Flexible Over 32-metres of un-obstructed clear span
Our self-supported roofing system is a success when it comes to roofing for wider span. A continuous roof of over 32 meters at a stretch can be easily and very effectively covered with APM self-supported roofing. The technology derives this essence from its formation that makes it supported to sustain external load factors without any steel structure and intermediate columns.

Economical Zero Maintenance
This innovative technology makes our products needless of any ongoing efforts towards maintenance, thus completely eliminating the need for constant safeguarding.

No Bird Nuisance
As our system is free of any support structure, so the possibilities of any kind of bird nuisance in the building interiors are eliminated. Overcoming this common problem faced by the conventional roofing alternatives, our product ensures you cleaner and more hygienic factories and warehouses than you would get anywhere else.

Durable 100% Leak Proof
Our technology is well protected against water seepage and extreme weather conditions. This leads to enhanced protection of products & machinery stored in your facility, thus substantially reducing the cost related to product failure, rejection or damage.

Larger Enclosed Volumes
The absence of any support structure in our system results in larger enclosed volumes, which offers optimum space utilization.

Resistance to damage- that make them
The basic purpose of a roof is to ensure utmost protection to the people, goods and machinery. And that’s where our prime focus lies. Our system possesses certain dominant traits like non-combustible qualities and higher-tensile strength, which make them stronger against natural calamities like fire, earthquake or hurricanes.

Speed of installation On-site Panel Fabrication
Our technology enables on-site fabrication of panels. Thus, ensuring utmost flexibility in work along with superior workmanship and enhanced efficiency.

Instant installation- speed has proved to be
This is something which none other roof provider could yet achieve; we work with an incredible fabrication and installation speed of covering over 2000 sq. mts. of area in just 12 hours. This extraordinary operational speed proves to be an excellent application, especially in time-bound construction projects where timely implementation holds critical importance.

Working Environment- Roof would be a real time
Working under APM Roof is a real time experience. With working temperature less by 5-7 degrees Celsius as compared to outside temperature, it provides the best of efficiency and productivity.

Attractive Facades
A very distinguishing arch-shaped and flexible structure of the roof with vivid colors results in a strong aesthetic appeal, which gives an interestingly attractive look to the buildings.

Applications The steel buildings are being used for unlimited applications that can be built in a couple of days with substantial savings in construction cost.

  • Logistics Parks
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Malls
  • SEZ’s
  • Showrooms
  • Schools
  • Sports Building
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasiums
  • Engineering & Automobile
  • Parking Facilities
  • Bus & Truck Station
  • Factories & Production units
  • Warehouses
  • Aircraft Hangars & Warehouses for the Armed Forces.
  • Grain & Vegetable Storage
  • Cold Chain Storage System for Fruits Meat & Poultry etc.
  • Banquet Halls
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