1. What is the main difference between current conventional steel construction in India and the APM INFRASTRUCTURE technology?
    In APM INFRASTRUCTURE technology, the complete steel panels are fabricated and related accessories installed by us as a package of services, and customer need not run here and there. Site erection is very fast and simple - just fabricating panels and seaming them as per the erection drawings provided, which results in significant saving in construction time and superior quality compared to conventional steel construction.
  2. What are the advantages of APM INFRASTRUCTURE Systems?

    -Saving in construction time:
    About 30-50% saving in total project schedule due to fast delivery and quick-site erection.

    -Reduction in project cost:
    Cost savings primarily result from above time saving on the Project.

    -Large and clear spans :
    APM INFRASTRUCTURE technology can take care of spans over 100 Square Feet. Such structures are particularly suitable for aircraft hangars, sports facilities, agriculture godowns, production and industrial units, etc.

    -Flexibility in expansion :
    Future expansion in length, width and height are possible with this technology.

    -Superior quality :
    Complete process follows ISO 9001 quality assurance standards. Hence, all the company’s customers get assured satisfaction on the quality aspect.

    -Low Maintenance :
    High quality epoxy paint systems ensure long maintenance free service life.

    -Energy and temperature efficiency:
    Roofing structures lead to lessening of the temperature by 5-6 degrees than external environment, leading to higher productivity of workers.

    -Architectural versatility :
    Warehouses and structures can have car parking, meeting halls, canopies, curved eaves and other architectural features required on the project.

  3. Is APM INFRASTRUCTURE Technology suitable for Indian weather conditions?
    Yes, APM INFRASTRUCTURE Technology can withstand all weather conditions including snow conditions, high desert temperatures, high humidity, proximity to sea, heavy rainfall, cyclone wind speeds, seismic loads, etc. Based on the ambient conditions at site and building usage, APM INFRASTRUCTURE designs and fabricates structures to meet all the specified requirements.
  4. Do you provide a complete civil, flooring and roofing construction package?
    Yes. APM INFRASTRUCTURE interacts with your consultants and architects to provide a complete package of services. You just need to sit and relax and leave all activities for us to accomplish.
  5. Is there any limitation on the span of the roofing structure?
    APM INFRASTRUCTURE can create roofs up to 32 meters span.
  6. How much is the saving in APM INFRASTRUCTURE technology?
    More than 30% savings. These savings could be due to faster installation time, single window service and faster set-up time and meeting commitments.
  7. Do you follow Internationally accepted codes?
    Yes. We recommend accepting latest International design and material codes, as these have been used literally in millions of buildings all across the globe and have a proven record of safety.
  8. What is the thickness of your sheeting?
    APM INFRASTRUCTURE sheets vary from 0.85 mm and up to 1.6 mm BMT, depending upon the span size and usage. These are also available in various color combinations. Some of the thicknesses are offered as special order with comparatively longer delivery.
  9. How do I get quote for APM INFRASTRUCTURE system?
    Very simple. Just login to our website, fill the enquiry form, and mail to us. APM INFRASTRUCTURE will submit a draft proposal offered with detailed scope of supply, price, payment and delivery terms. When requested, Proposal Drawings with column reactions are also provided.
  10. Do you also design the foundation on request?
    NO, APM INFRASTRUCTURE will provide support as to the column reactions. It is the responsibility of the local civil engineer to design the foundations to support the column reactions based on local conditions.
  11. Do you provide design calculations?
    Yes. APM INFRASTRUCTURE does provide design calculations for the buildings, whenever requested, for approval by consultant / client. The charges for the same are added to the customer’s account.
  12. Can APM INFRASTRUCTURE provide portable type units for field offices, stores and small workshops?
    Yes. Some units can be dismantled and shifted to new locations and re-assembled. APM INFRASTRUCTURE also provides small portable units which can be transported on trucks in one piece from place to place.
  13. Economy is very important in warehouse construction. Will APM INFRASTRUCTURE technology deliver the goods taking this aspect into account?
    APM INFRASTRUCTURE has taken up several projects for civil as well as roofing work. We have worked for several warehousing, banquet and industrial structures in India for the Government and Private organizations. Due to the significant optimization capabilities of the APM INFRASTRUCTURE Technology and the quick delivery, the customer will get benefits on cost and time on the project.
  14. How do you quote the rates?
    We quote the rates based on the scope of work, item wise with all technical parameters clearly mentioned along with the delivery period.
  15. What sorts of details of erection assistance are provided by APM INFRASTRUCTURE?
    APM INFRASTRUCTURE engineering team conducts detailed discussions with your architects and engineers, and prepares detailed erection drawings accordingly.
  16. What are the accessories provided?
    APM INFRASTRUCTURE provides accessories like Hangars, Turbo ventilators, and sky lights at additional costs.
  17. Do you provide designed details before supplying/erecting your structures?
    Yes, APM INFRASTRUCTURE submits detailed design calculations and drawings to client for approval prior to fabrication of the building. All comments received from client on the approval drawings are incorporated. However, such services are provided at a certain cost.
  18. What is the minimum and maximum thickness of APM INFRASTRUCTURE Roofs?
    0.85 MM and up to 1.6 MM BMT
  19. What is the temperature impact inside the building?
    APM INFRASTRUCTURE technology has additional characteristic property wherein the internal temperature is less by 5-7 degrees as compared to external environment. This results in providing user-friendly environment and higher productivity.
  20. What kind of maintenance is required for APM INFRASTRUCTURE structures?
    APM INFRASTRUCTURE provides maintenance instructions for its structures, which are limited to periodic checking and tightening of bolts and cleaning roof and gutters.

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